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The Legend of Qin V


From The Hundred Schools of Thought, comes warlords vying for supremacy; the hegemony returns. In order to avoid the murderous pursuit of the Gongshu family mechanical beasts, Tianming, Shaoyu, and Shi Lan boarded the "Mirage" anchored by the sea. The out of reach mysterious great warship was for the first time before these three in close range - under its magnificent outward appearance, exactly what kind of secrets are hiding? On the other side, Fusu-gongzi was attacked by an unknown assassin. Under the mediation of Zhang Liang, the Mohists and Quicksand gradually drew near. Between the Vertical Alliance and the Horizontal Alliance, instability rises again....

Manhua adaptation of the fifth season of "The Legend of Qin".

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6 years ago
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